Q. How do I get started and partner with you?

A. We love working with and partnering on deals with other buyers! Simply click the Get Started button at the top of the page. The process is easy – fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

Q. How much money will I make?

A. We love helping investors receive above market returns while reducing their risks. We welcome the opportunity to talk in more detail with you. Please go ahead and fill out the form by clicking the Get Started button at the top of the page.

Q. Why do you need MY money?

A. We’ve been lending hard money since 2014. Over time, we’ve come to understand that many people like to diversify their income and invest in alternative ways to earn a return on their investment. Since we’ve been doing this for years, we know our lending model works well, so we act as a “go-between” for borrowers and investors who might not otherwise have a chance to benefit from each other.

Q. I’m a contractor. Can we work together on projects?

A. Yes, we’d love to hear from you! Click the Contractor heading at the top of the site, fill out and submit the form and we will get back with you.